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Inadequate driving method is the most important factor in rubber track damage, so in order to protect the rubber track, to extend the service life, please use the machine must pay attention to the following:

(1) prohibit overload walking, overloading will increase the rubber crawler tension, to accelerate the wear of the core, the core will produce broken core and steel cord broken.

(2) do not walk in the course of walking. Sharp turn easily lead to take off the wheel damage track, but also make the guide wheel or anti-off the impact of the core caused by core core off.

(3) to prohibit forced climbing steps, this will make the root of the pattern of cracks, serious broken steel cord.

(4) to prohibit the edge of the friction in the edge of walking, otherwise the track edge will be swept away after the interference with the body, resulting in the edge of the track scratches, cut. (Figure 8)



(5) to prohibit the bridge walk (Figure 9), which is the pattern of damage and core iron break one of the main reasons.



(6) It is forbidden to walk on the slope (Figure 10), which may cause damage to the track release.



(7) often check the drive wheel, guide wheel and wheel wear state, wear a serious drive wheel will be out of the core iron, iron core will also cause abnormal wear, such a drive wheel must be replaced immediately.

(8) rubber track to be regular maintenance, in the sediment too much, chemical use of the environment, to be cleaned. Otherwise it will accelerate the rubber track wear and corrosion.

Comprehensive above, the user in the use of the process as long as attention to the above matters, the crawler life will be extended accordingly.