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JiangXi JinLiLong Rubber Track Co.,Ltd.

Add: Science and Technology Industrial Park, Shanggao County 336400,Jiangxi of China.

(Harvester rubber track)



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(Construction rubber track)

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Enterprise Advantage

Competition and development coexist at the same time, opportunities and challenges coexist side by side.


1. Broad market 
The new modified rubber track is gradually replacing the steel tracks, as the first chmoce for domestic and foreign engineering machineries and agricultural machineries.

 2. Rich production management and organizational experience
The company has a sound management system and high-quality management personnel.

 3. Leading position in the industry 
The company firstly developed "track performance testing equipment" and created "indoor simulation mileage test of engineering rubber track".

 4. Perfect and standard product structure
The company has abundant product structures. Leading products are rubber tracks of agricultural vehicles, rubber tracks of engineering vehicles, rubber tracks of military vehicles, rubber tracks of snow removal vehicles, and rubber tracks of special purpose vehicles.

 5. Positive industry influence 
Our "single wire, annular, without joint" technology has filled the gaps in domestic rubber track manufacturing industry.

 6. Strong scientific research team 
The company has successively developed computer CNC track testing machine, annular double-sided vulcanization moulding press, all-terrain vehicle track, and other new products.


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